Temporary Protected Status for Venezuelans (TPS)

Ambassador Carlos Vecchio sent emails to Venezuelans
exiles in the United States with news about TPS and renewal of work permits.

I am writing to inform you first hand we have requested formally the administration of President Joe Biden the extension of Temporary Protected Status for Venezuelans in the United States, better known as the TPS, for 18 additional months from expiration on next September.
Likewise, we have requested the automatic extension of work permits for the Venezuelan brother’s beneficiaries of Political Asylum and TPS, and that there is a greater speed in the issuance of this key document to those who still lack. If possible, also evaluated the exoneration of the tariffs
for these procedures.

I know the importance of TPS for our Venezuelan brothers and the key is having the work permits that allow them to work legally and support their families. I know this topic has been of great concern to many
of our citizens and at the Embassy we have not stopped working on it.
The US has been supportive and consistent with our migrants and refugees. To date, more than 221 thousand Venezuelans, of the 323 thousand possible beneficiaries, have applied for TPS.
Our consular team, together with pro bono lawyers, NGOs, and governments locals has directly helped
80 thousand citizens. We know that the responses and approvals have gone coming slowly, we’ve got it
expressed to management as a community concern Venezuelan, but the important thing is that they are coming. Therefore, 6 months after his expiration, we request the extension of this valuable protection.

If you haven’t done so yet and logged in to The USA before March 8, 2021, submit your application to TPS. allies such as Mayor Daniella Levine Cava of Miami-Dade County and Senator Marco Rubio’s Office
are supporting Venezuelans in this process hand in hand with our Directorate of consular affairs.

Contact us at consular services@us.embajadavenezuela.org if you require orientation.
I will not stop repeating this to the international community: the migrant crisis and refugees from Venezuela will only end when the root of the problem is over, the Maduro dictatorship.

For the president (Interim) Juan Guaidó is a priority to put an end to this cancer that affects our
Venezuela. We keep pressing together with our international allies to achieve, as soon as possible, free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections and transparency that lead to a
democratic transition.

God bless our beloved Venezuela!

Carlos Vecchio.
Ambassador of Venezuela in the
United States

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