Members of the Governing Board of the historic organization also participated in the celebration

By Angel Cristobal and Felicia Jimenez
South Press Publishers

On this very special night, when all the Jews of the world celebrate the Passover holiday, a symbol of permanent liberation, three special guests of the National College of Journalists of Cuba in Exile (CNP) honored us, and our humble house with their presence: Lic. Salvador Romaní Orúe, dean of this historic CNP, Mr. Juan Garau, member of the Governing Board of the CNP, editorialist for the community newspaper YA and columnist for South Press; and his wife, Mrs. Maritere de Garau.

Also participating were our daughter, María Cristóbal, her husband Frank Hernandez, our almost 3-year-old grandson, Frank Jacob, and our granddaughter Amanda.

Pésach has a very special place in Jewish life. On Pésach we went to freedom, we became a nation and God took us for Himself as his people. The Torah commands us to remember, each day, in our morning and evening prayers, that God saved us from Egypt.

With these dear friends, we performed a special mitzvah at the Seder: we discussed the miracles of this day, we read chapters from the book of Exodus, we reflected on the plagues of Egypt. At the Seder we are reminded that if we truly want to be free to serve God, and that He is willing to accept us, there is no force in the world that can stand in His way. Rivers can turn to blood, wild animals can suddenly appear, seas can split; no miracle is impossible for HaShem.

If HaShem was able to do it in the year 2448 after Creation, he can do it now too. If we really feel and have faith in that, it is as if we ourselves are being delivered from Egypt.

The Torah wants the Seder to be a collaboration between all generations, because we all go free tonight. Therefore, each year we must hope and pray that this Passover, this Seder represents the fulfillment of the prophecy: “Just as in the days when you came out of Egypt, I will show you miracles” (Micha 7:15), with the arrival of Mashiach, soon and for the first time in our days.

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