Radio Martí intends to silence the voice of the CNP of Cuba in Exile

With an arbitrary decision against the radio program Prensa Libre, the government station Radio Martí intends to silence the voice of the National College of Journalists of Cuba in Exile (CNP).

Writing and photos / Staff-South Press

(The City of Miami, 05/04/22). In a press conference held this Wednesday at the City Hall of the City of Miami, the dean of the CNP Salvador Romaní Orúe, accompanied by the College’s Governing Board, denounced that Radio Martí, through Arianne González, informed him that the program Prensa Libre would be reduced to 15 minutes and included in a program entitled Cambiando de Tema, whose profile bears no relation to the one that Prensa Libre has maintained for more than three years.

Romaní, who is the director of Prensa Libre, recalled that this program emerged at the request of the Radio Martí station itself, with a weekly frequency of 25 minutes and focused on breaking the mantle of misinformation and silence that Cuban society suffers under the brutal tyranny communist.

He also highlighted to the Dean that the CNP does not receive financial remuneration for this program in which several journalists from the College participate.

The Dean of the CNP described Radio Martí’s decision as “inexcusable and arbitrary”, stating: “If something from Prensa Libre bothered the station’s management or deviated from its editorial line, the ethical thing would have been for it to notify it formally, to thus granting us the opportunity to present our points of view and maintain a fruitful exchange of ideas”.

The press conference had the presence, support, and words of Commissioner Joe Carollo and journalist Nelson Rubio.

It is worth noting that, despite the call that the CNP made to the national, state, and local press, both television, radio, and print and digital media; No representative attended the call: a clear demonstration of the increasingly weak freedom of the press and of expression in what remains of the free world.

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