The Ideological Battle That We Have to Face

By: Juan Garau Member of the Governing Board of the C.N.P.

Dear readers:
Democracy (it is only one, there is no half-democracy) Example: A woman is pregnant or she is not pregnant, (because there is no half-pregnant woman) that is why when we read and hear the concepts of Social Democracy or Socialist Democracy, even if they want us to justify, I have never come to understand those terms, that’s why I say; that those who pose those terms to me are redfish in holy water.

At this time, faced with the events that different nations of the world are experiencing, the neo-Nazis, the communists, the socialists, and the liberals of the left, disguise themselves as Democrats, and we can only face them with a single position of conservative ideological concepts.

Because dear readers, they use Democracy to come to power, and when they take it, they implant autocratic, dictatorial, or totalitarian governments of the left, where the first right we have as it is — Freedom of Expression — and directly they begin to indoctrinate children and youth, through teaching in schools, with books with texts full of poison and even, instead of respecting that education at the different levels must be academic, and not ideological, letting parents are the ones who educate their children socially, religiously or ecumenically desired, and even sexually, when they are minors.

Therefore, to win the ideological battle (which we have to face) we have to fight to preserve that right to express ourselves freely; the right to respect the concept of family, the right to profess the creed or religion that we want, the right to use weapons, and that it is strictly necessary not to give the opportunity to have weapons to those who have records of being insane or criminals, and the right that we have partisan pluralism of the Republican, Democrat or Independent models, but… always maintaining the values of conservative concepts against the leftists who disguise themselves as Democrats to divide and in the future come to power and violate all our rights subjugating our peoples.

Freedom of the Press is one of the more significant rights of democracy. Photo: South Press
The journalist Nelson Rubio thanked his recent membership in the CNP Cuba Exile

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