With The Help of The Heavens

Shalom y bendiciones de nuestro Maestro Rabino Shalom Arush!

My name is Rabbi Rubén Bittán, I served for twelve years as Rabbi of a Sephardic community in Caracas Venezuela and I am currently working for more than two years in Breslev Israel, grateful to have the great merit of being one of the Rabbi’s assistants. Shalom Arush in the Latin world.

My work in Breslev Israel consists mainly of contacting the largest number of Spanish-speaking people and sending them the wonderful and vital teachings of our great Master Rabbi Shalom Arush.

It is difficult, if not almost impossible, to explain the miraculous impact that Breslev’s words, books, and videos have had on the lives of the tens and hundreds of thousands of people who have received the Divine gift of hearing, reading, or seeing them. , to the point that I can witness people who have literally saved their lives, thanks to these teachings and thanks to this noble work that we do every day of being in contact with them, supporting, guiding, encouraging, and filling them with Emuna and total confidence in the Creator and Master of the world.

During all this time, in addition to receiving the infinite gratitude of all these people because their lives changed for the better through the practices of Hitbodedut and seeing so many salvations learning the power of gratitude, they have also been showing us the need to know and study in more depth the seven precepts of Noach.

That is why Breslev Israel, with the help of the Creator, we will give ourselves the important task of giving a weekly class explaining in detail each one of these seven precepts according to the Holy Jewish Sources of the Talmud and their Sages. Needless to remember how important it is to teach in a methodical and responsible way, this valuable and decisive knowledge to the gentile peoples of the world, because sadly we are witnessing how all the universal values ​​that, until today were honored and respected, are being freely violated, and instead of modern societies learning from the stories of the Flood and Sodom and Gomorrah, rather we see the opposite, we commit the same and perhaps worse sins, God forbid.
It is no secret that this world is nearing its end and we all want to witness a happy ending, for this, it is of the utmost importance that all the inhabitants of the world know their Creator and what he wants from each and every one of them. His creatures, because for Him, we are all important and He brought us to this world with a life purpose, which is none other than to know Him and do His Will.

But what can be the Will of the Eternal? That question that seems so difficult for us to answer, the Torah itself gives us the answer in the easiest and clearest way possible, the Will and desire of God is to do good and fill His creatures with goodness, just like a father wants to do good with his son every day of his life. For this, it is essential and inevitable that we know and comply with His Laws, because only then will we receive His infinite goodness, otherwise, without realizing it, we will destroy His work and finally live in a world like a world we know today, instead of living in an earthly paradise.

This world, like any simple electrical device, has its laws, which far from being only physical are, above all, spiritual and moral. If we do not know the instructions for use of the artifact, then obviously we will spoil it and no one will have the brilliant idea of ​​questioning its manufacturer why it has caused such an unfair punishment. However, it does seem that there are many intelligent human beings who complain about the Creator because His Creation looks more and more damaged and deteriorated instead of realizing that perhaps they are simply putting this wonderful world to the wrong use. that He created. If you don’t believe it, you can visit those natural landscapes where the hand of man has not yet reached and see the indescribable majesty of the Holy Blessed Him.

We’re still on time!!! For this reason, it would be a great blessing to try to spread these videos with the hope that very soon instead of being a single weekly class there will be two and then three until very soon we see the Final Redemption along the paths of Mercy and Mercy. Amen!

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