The New Tower of Babel

By Angel Christopher / Staff South Press

Like all the projects that we have carried out during our 25-year career in private and public media, as well as self-publishing editors, South Press is an independent print and online publication, “free” like those that preceded them: America United and Prensa del Sur International (Venezuela), and South Press Magazine (USA).

HaShem (God) has been the only sponsor who establishes the work of our hands and reaffirms the work of our hands. Only to Him do we owe the good and the bad, only to Him we are indebted. Having clarified the above, let’s move on to the subject… Increasingly, specialists and professionals related to the phenomenon of mass communication warn about the crisis of the traditional model of journalism, given the migration of audiences towards the digital space, the precarious condition in which it has fallen due to the absence of advertising, and the fact of not assuming the competition represented by active receivers through the internet network.

In no way is it intended to state that journalism has ceased to be a necessary tool to build critical, empowered, and educated citizens around the right to communication and information since it would be to fall into an error, but it is urgent to accept that it has ceased to have a monopoly on the communicative task.

The Press and TV have ceased to be the fourth power, since citizens make use of their right to inform and give opinions, especially on social networks, and even the media themselves see the need to have these resources to expose them through their information products, although verification is essential.
Although some companies that came from the analog tradition managed to successfully make the leap to the digital world, the truth is that they went from being usually powerful and solitary voices in their countries to now being inserted in a sort of Tower of Babel. Magister Dixit

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