Ortega and Murillo, Without Masks

By Pedro Corzo

For those who are aware of what the vindicating proposals inspired first by Castroism and later by the even more deadly duo of Castro-Chavismo mean, what is happening in Nicaragua is not a surprise, but rather the painful continuity of a regime that, like all their peers, adds to their inability to create conditions to generate wealth, a particularly cruel and ruthless repressive activity.

Ortega came to power the last time in 2007 and everything seems to indicate that he intends to die exercising it just as Fidel Castro did, his teacher in organized crime, the only thing he knew how to organize because he sank the Republic of Cuba, with serious consequences. for the nation, so it is to be expected that the Nicaraguan dictator is preparing his successor, a kind of clone of himself, as has happened on the island with Miguel Díaz Cannel.

It is not possible to mention Daniel Ortega or his wife Rosario Murillo without alluding to the Castros. They were his mentors and benefactors just like Leonid Brezhnev’s Soviet Union. The dictator, like his foreign peers mentioned, only seeks power and perpetuation in it, without taking into account the suffering of the governed.

The current wave of repression being sponsored by Ortega-Murillo is particularly cruel as it is directed against the Catholic Church, a doctrine that ideological dictators see as a fundamental enemy in their continued efforts to expand and immortalize their authority.

For these despots, religions are enemies to destroy or conquer, since they are aware of the profound influence they exert on society, which motivates them to try to establish the so-called national churches with different denominations, in which the supreme idol is the leader. of the state.

With their proposals, they intend to lead their citizens to a circle of faith and trust that cannot be overthrown by abuse or failure, which is why, when they consider themselves strong enough, they seek to bring down those who they consider their most dangerous rival, the Church. Catholic.

Ortega and his teacher Castro were enemies of religious doctrines with a devastating devotion to the Catholic Church. Fidel expelled more than a hundred priests and imprisoned several. For years practicing a religious faith was an impediment to progress in socialist society and in a judicial process, an aggravating circumstance.

However, the cruelty of Daniel Ortega against the Catholic Church and its priests, in my opinion, has been more bloody than that sponsored by the Castros in Cuba, and it is to be believed that his vice president and wife, Rosario Murillo, has a lot of participation in this. whose militant Catholicism, according to some, is that of a self-enlightened priestess who wants to reform the Church to the total convenience of her government.

As if this repression against priests, missionaries, political opponents, and NGOs were not enough, the ruling duo has intensified its attacks against journalism and journalists, as we can see from the robbery of the headquarters of the newspaper La Prensa, a benchmark in Latin American journalism that, as As journalist Dina Díaz, a Nicaraguan living in the United States, commented a few days ago, it was a joy to behold because when entering the city you could see the name of the newspaper that the poet Pablo Antonio Cuadra had baptized as “La República de Papel.”

Excuse the comparisons, but they are unavoidable. What is happening with the newspaper La Prensa is very similar to what happened with all the Cuban news media less than two years after the triumph of the insurrection, but very particularly with the emblematic Diario de La Marina, doyen of the insular press, to which the bloodthirsty brothers and their henchmen set up a burial, including the coffin, which toured much of the capital city.

The hatred of the Castros for Diario de la Marina can be compared to the abhorrence that Ortega-Murillo feels towards La Prensa, and against all those who reject his proposals. The late Amado Rodríguez told me many years ago that old age exacerbates defects and evidently, Nicaraguan despots have aged in power, therefore, it is time for them to retire.

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