South Press Interviews: Pablo Medina explains the details of his meeting with Dr. Luis Almagro at the OAS

In this interview, Pablo Medina explains the details of his meeting with Dr. Luis Almagro at the OAS

CNP Cuba in Exile Celebrates the Day of the Journalist and presented the National Prize for Journalism

As part of these celebrations, the National Prize for Journalism was awarded, one as a postmortem recognition of the work of Cuban journalist Vicente Escobal; the second to the Nicaraguan journalist Vicente Izaguirre and the third to the prominent Cuban journalist and radio host Juan Garau.


Almagro Has A Piece of Venezuela Stuck in His Heart

 Again we approach him and again we are not wrong.  Dr. Almagro's reading about the presence of nearly 30,000 Venezuelan migrants crowded on the southern border of the United States is not a game or another problem that both the Caracas regime and its opposition want to make invisible.

Breakfast with Maria Elvira Salazar

The congresswoman responded to questions from all those present, on issues as important as the current immigration policy and the future of irregular migrations affecting the United States economically and socially.

Press Conference With Marco Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio participated in a press conference that took place at the Museum of the Cuban Diaspora, in Coral Gables, Miami, Florida, in which different television and press media, as well as Latino influencers, participated.