Press Conference With Marco Rubio

By Felicia Jimenez and Angel Christopher

Senator Marco Rubio participated in a press conference that took place at the Museum of the Cuban Diaspora, in Coral Gables, Miami, Florida, in which different television and press media, as well as Latino influencers, participated.

(Coral Gables, Friday 14th/2022). Senator Marco Rubio listened to different representatives of the Cuban Historical Exile, in the conference room of the Museum that collects in different rooms the stages of exile, from the 60s to the present day, who gave their support to the Republican senator for the state of Florida, who aspires to his re-election in the next elections on November 8, 2022.

Marco Rubio grew up listening to the stories of members of his community who were forced into exile by the oppressive Castro dictatorship. In the United States Senate, Rubio’s work, dedication, and passion in support of the Cuban people and their fight for freedom from tyranny are unmatched.

He was one of the key architects of the Trump administration’s Cuba policy, reversing Obama-era concessions to the island’s criminal dictatorship.

Marco Rubio has supported the heroes of Brigade 2506 and has advocated for the release of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience on the island. And he has been emphatic in condemning the regime’s nefarious human trafficking scheme through its so-called “medical missions”.

After the historic protests against the regime on the island on 11J, Marco Rubio spoke in support of the demands of the Cuban people for his freedom after more than six decades of tyranny and oppression.
He has also been clear about the potential threat posed by the manipulation of the Cuban regime with a mass exodus to the United States, like the one from Mariel, in the 1980s, a reality that we now face on our southern border.

This November 8 election contest presents a clear contrast between the Republican senator, who for years has been a leader with bipartisan initiatives related to Cuba, and a partisan Democratic candidate who will always prioritize her far-left base over Florida.

In this event, the voices of different generations of fighters for Cuban freedom and against communism were heard, who agreed on the need to preserve the freedom of the United States, threatened by the extreme left and regional and world communism.

MEDIA: Videos and Gallery: By Angel Christopher /staff South Press

Juan Garau. Radio Journalist.


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