Breakfast with Maria Elvira Salazar

By Angel Christopher & Felicia Jimenez

(Kendall, 10-22-2022). Republican congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar, who aspires to renew her position in The House of Representatives of the United States, in the mid-term elections on November 8, offered breakfast on October 22, to businessmen, media directors, and community leaders from the Colombian community residing in Kendall, Miami, an event that was also attended by members of other exiled communities, from Nicaragua, Ecuador and Venezuela.

The congresswoman responded to questions from all those present, on issues as important as the current immigration policy and the future of irregular migrations affecting the United States economically and socially.

Precisely at this point, Juan Manuel Sucre, aspiring councilor of the city of Doral, asked Salazar “what can Venezuelans expect from his proposal for a law of migratory dignity, those who have approved the TPS and those who have remained in a limbo on the border, after coming no less than walking from Venezuela, crossing jungles like the Darién to reach the southern border of the United States, and others have been taken out of shelters and deported to Mexico.”

The congresswoman responded by stating that everything indicates that there is an arrangement between the president of the United States Joe Biden and the president of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro to remove the title of interim president of Venezuela from Juan Guaidó.
“The problem -said journalist Maria Elvira Zalazar-, has a name, Juan Sebastian González, Colombian, who is within the National Security Council, where there are different members who advise President Biden on different regions, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and America, of the latter the representative is Mr. González, known for being a piece of Pietro, current president of Colombia. González, when the war began in Ukraine invaded by the Russians, told Biden ‘don’t worry, we are going to buy oil from Maduro, ignoring that Maduro is not the legitimate president of Venezuela.”

“Then -continues Salazar-, Juan González, from the National Security Council, sits down with Maduro, at the request of President Biden, to negotiate the purchase of oil, it does not matter if the Venezuelan crude does not comply with environmental care regulations. . That is the double standard of these characters. And what I can do in a personal capacity is send messages of complaints to Mr. González through my social networks, because what he is doing is sending President Biden on board, who does not know the difference between Maracaibo and La Guajira. Juan González is the worst thing that has happened to the National Security Council” -said the congresswoman.
“This is how they later negotiated the exchange of the nephews of Cilia Flores, for North American prisoners who were in Venezuelan jails, in order to appease Maduro; but we are going to denounce all that, and we ask the Venezuelan community to stand up and denounce these things.”

Recently, representative María Elvira Salazar (FL-27) offered a Press Conference to denounce that Mexico uses Cuban doctors in violation of the Human Rights clauses within the United States-Mexico-Canada trade agreement (T-MEC, for its initials in Spanish).
She was joined in Miami at the American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora by two elected officials from Mexico: Congresswoman Mariana Gómez del Campo and Senator José Alfredo Botello Montes, to criticize the inhumane use of medical personnel from Cuba by his government.

If Mexico continues to use trafficked Cuban doctors, it endangers its participation in the T-MEC and, consequently, its own economy.

Some highlights of the event:

  • “Doctors are being scammed, exploited, and trafficked.
  • Mexico is getting cheap labor. The Mexican government is exploiting Cuba’s most valuable asset, its human capital.
  • They are financing the Cuban dictatorship and ignoring international human and labor rights conventions.”
  • “Cuba is making a lot of money,” stated Rep. Salazar.

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