CNP Cuba in Exile Celebrates the Day of the Journalist and presented the National Prize for Journalism

By Angel Cristobal & Felicia Jimenez / Staff South Press

Photos and videos: Angel Cristóbal, Felicia Jimenez, Frank Hernández y Pablo Medina

(Miami, 10/29/2022)
At noon on the last Friday of October, the event planned for several months by Dean Salvador Romaní and the Governing Board of the National Association of Cuban Journalists in Exile took place at the Renaissance restaurant in Coral Gables.
-an institution that brings together exiled journalists from Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Nicaragua; defenders of freedom of the press and the exercise of free journalism -, which celebrated 80 years since its foundation in Havana, Cuba, by presidential decree of then-President Fulgencio Batista, in 1942, and 60 years since its foundation in exile, in 1962.

Dean Salvador Romani Orúe.

As part of these celebrations, the National Prize for Journalism was awarded, one as a postmortem recognition of the work of Cuban journalist Vicente Escobal; the second to the Nicaraguan journalist Vicente Izaguirre and the third to the prominent Cuban journalist and radio host Juan Garau.

Vicente Escobal was an acute and universalist writer who, through his pen, assumed until the end of his life the defense of the right of the Cuban people for their freedom, confronting the oppressor without respite or pause.

Vicente Izaguirre received the Award for his successful contribution over 38 years and his professional dedication to denunciation journalism in the written press, radio, and television through the SOLNICA banner of combat against the Ortega dictatorship in Nicaragua.

Juan Garau, for his unforgettable and exemplary professional and patriotic career on Hispanic exile radio and the newspapers YA and South Press Independent Newspaper.

The CEO of South Press Independent Newspaper, Angel Cristobal gave recognition to journalist Juan Garau.

Photo: Frank Hernandez

South Press gave recognition to colleagues from the CNP of Cuba in Exile

For its part, the staff of the South Press Independent Newspaper delivered for the first time in the United States, specifically in Miami, awards to Dean and colleagues from the CNP.

To the journalist Salvador Romaní Orúe, dean of the College, for his dedicated work fighting for the freedom of Cuba and Venezuela for more than 60 years defending the freedom of the press and against communism.

To the experienced Cuban-American journalist José Arenal, editor and director of the newspaper YA, a publication that collects the historical memory of music, theater, television, and Cuban cinema, displaying Cubanness, and without forgetting the constant criticism of the Cuban regime.

To the radio and print journalist, the very Cuban Juan Garau, editorialist for YA and columnist for South Press, whose historic work as the voice of exile on the radio is recognized within the Cuban Historical Exile to this day. Being now a winner of the National Award for Journalism, deservedly so.

This was an excellent evening with the participation of distinguished figures in the fight for democracy, freedom of the press, honorable judges, and representatives of the American people residing in Florida.

At the end: The Conga from Santiago de Cuba

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