Marco Rubio: “After today Republican party will never be the same”

By Angel Christopher and Felicia Jimenez

Miami-Dade 11/08/22) Republican Sen. Marco Rubio easily defeated Democratic Congresswoman Val Demings in the U.S. Senate race to win his third six-year term

The strong showing mirrored polls that consistently had Rubio with a solid lead over Demings, a former Orlando police chief, throughout the expensive campaign.

The two spent a combined $110 million, according to, which tracks campaign spending nationwide.

Demings outspent Rubio by more than $25 million in a losing effort. She was among a record number of Black candidates to run for U.S. Senate and governor this election year. 

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Rubio hosts election party in Miami

Rubio’s political success has come from his ability to resonate with major communities in South Florida, coming from his story as the son of Cuban immigrants and growing up in Miami. 

At his election party, the crowd loved how relatable he was and stuck with him because of his foreign policy stance. As Vice Chair of the Senate Select Committee of Intelligence, his political reputation has brought him a reputation of being tough on border security. 

Rubio leaned on his family’s story, expertise on a broad range of issues

Throughout the campaign, Rubio harkened on the themes that have made him politically successful for more than two decades. They include his parent’s struggles as working-class Cubans seeking a better life for their son in America, and his expertise in policy debates, from economics to international relations.

The mix was a constant talking point for Rubio as he appealed for votes.

“I know no community in America who understands that better than this one, for this is a community of men and women, many of whom lost their country to Marxism, to socialism, to leftism, to the failure and evil that it always is,” he said at a Miami rally with Trump two days before Election Day.


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