Councilwoman Maureen Porras Proposes to Oppose Bail and Bond Reform

-that may put dangerous offenders back in our community-

Doral, FL – On January 11, 2023, Council Meeting, at 10:00 a.m., newly elected Councilwoman
Maureen Porras will be bringing forth an item, through the City Attorney’s Office, that strongly opposes the
proposed criminal court administrative order relating to bail and bond reform, which may result in granting
dangerous criminal offenders a release on their own recognizance without attending a first appearance
hearing before a judge without any monetary bond being posted.

Councilwoman Porras has directed the City Attorney to bring this important item before the Mayor and
Council for their consideration, as it can negatively affect the safety and quality of life of our residents,
businesses, and visitors. Other municipalities like Miami Beach have also taken a stand opposing this
measure in order to protect the community.

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