Juan Garau: “There is no dialogue with dictators”

Courtesy of: Agustin Rangugni, director of TV Radio Miami

Agustin Rangugni, director of TVRadioMiami and RadioMiami.us talks with Juan Garau, renowned Cuban journalist, artist, and political activist in exile, persecuted by the political regime in CUBA, he was forced to leave his country in 1980, during the “exodus” called “El Mariel” heading to Spain and then to the US.

Called “The Voice of Radio in Exile in favor of his fight for the freedom of Cuba”, Juan Garau Diego received on October 29, 2022, the Prize awarded by the National College of Cuban Journalists in Exile (which celebrated its 80th anniversary).

—He was born (on August 9, 1944), in the City of Havana, in the Cerro neighborhood, in Quinta Covadonga.

— He worked as a professional dancer with the star Rosita Fornés in international music for the former 14 socialist republics of the former Soviet Union and other countries such as Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria.

He was a solo dancer at Expo 67 in Montreal, Canada, along with Gladys González, and Cristy Domínguez, sharing the stage at the Royal Palace Theater with artists such as Ignacio Villa, (Bola de Nieve), Elena Burke, Los Papines, and the Music Orchestra Moderna, directed by the teacher Chucho Valdés.

Dancer of the Cuban National Lyric Theater, under the direction of Miguel de Grandy, with choreography by Ramón Figueroa, participating in the Zarzuelas and Operettas as La Viuda Alegre, Luisa Fernanda, and María La O.

Solo dancer of the Tropicana Cabaret and Regla Becerra, under the direction of Joaquín Riviera.

Solo dancer of the Cabaret Capri, next to Mayda Limonta, under the direction of Marissa Cabrera.
Bachelor of Art, specializing in dance, choreography, and artistic direction from the National Council of Culture of Cuba.
Artistic Director of the National Circus of Cuba.

Artistic Director of the Lyceum of Vedado, Havana, Cuba.

He emigrated to the United States as a political exile in 1980, in the Mariel exodus. In Miami, he joined the Cuban Patriotic Organization Alfa 66. He was a commentator for Radio Mambí together with Armando Pérez Roura, and Dr. Luis Conte Aguero and a Member of the National College of Journalists (C.N.P.) since 1993, under the deanship of Dr. Roberto Perez Fernandez.

— Master of Ceremony of the most significant event held by the Cuban exiles and sponsored by the Cuban-American Foundation, directed by Jorge Mas Canosa, in “Lafayette Park” in Washington D.C.

— Director of the radio program. “Cuban Furum”, by C.M.Q. reaching the highest rating of Hispanic stations in Miami, interviewing politicians, community leaders, and important personalities.



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