New Book: Two Branches Two Destinies

West Kendall (02/04/23)

Cinco Books Celebrating Culture… presented at Macondo Caffe in West Kendall the book Two Branches Two Destinies, originally written in Spanish: Dos Ramas Dos Destinos, author Claudia Prengler Starosta.

Here we quote some references about the book:

What do we know about our families How many beautiful and difficult stories have been
lost to obhv1on? Preserving memories is a way to exist with dignity. Claudia Prengler Starosta learned
about the existence of a branch of her family she did not know about.

They were Polish Holocaust survivors who immigrated to the United States after World War II. This book is a testimony of what she learned. Her story is not only the memory of two branches of the same family but also the epic of all those people who have lived through the deep tragedies caused by hate and war.
Fedosy Santaella

This book is a story within a story… First the story of Claudia’s journey and second the story of what she found out about that other branch of the family.

They are harrowing tales of death, suffering, and survival the family endured throughout the torturous years of the Holocaust. Claudia describes in vivid detail her tender feelings as she learns the truth about this branch of her own family tree. It is a beautiful book, engagingly written, and with a story that touches the soul.
Daniel S. Benveniste

Cinco Books selects new releases from the best publisher in Latin America, Spain, and the United States every year.

They do local events with the community to encourage the participation of authors and artists living in the area.


One thought on “New Book: Two Branches Two Destinies

  1. Thank you very much for your article about my books in Spanish and now also in English , available both in Amazon.
    Original Title : Dos Ramas , dos destinos
    English version : Two Branches, Two Destinies. Both published by OTeditores , 2021-2022.
    I have sent this wonderful article to the representative of Cinco Books and she told me that she te- sent it to her contacts . Thank you again to Felicita and Angel for coming to my event and share with us.
    Best regards
    Claudia Prengler Starosta


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