It’s never too late to celebrate: A WWII veteran celebrated his bar mitzvah at 102

Milton Pick performed the ceremony in Cozumel, Mexico, in a moving event.

A 102-year-old Jewish man from the United States celebrated his Bar Mitzvah and birthday in a very emotional and religious ceremony. The old man’s name is Milton Pick and he was born in 1921.

This person experienced extraordinary events live and direct. For example, at the age of 22, Pick joined the US military during World War II against Japan in the Pacific Ocean.

During a recent stay on the Mexican island of Cozumel, he met a Hasidic couple on vacation.

After he told them that, despite being Jewish, he had never performed his Bar Mitzvah. The two people notified Rabbi Dudi Caplin of the Chabad center, where they were staying.

Thereupon, the rabbi decided to help Pick make up for what he had been deprived of for 90 years and gave him the chance to officially become a man. Initially, the rabbi visited the American at his hotel and persuaded him to put on tefillin. The next day, he read the Torah for the first time before local members of the Hasidic chapter and other worshipers.


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