Honoring My Fellow Heroes And Martyrs Of The Brigade 2506

By Antonio Calatayud       

Beginning the commemorative acts of one more anniversary of the historic Invasion of Cuba, in April 1961, we participated in the Conference organized by the Institute of Historical Memory that our great friend Pedro Corzo presides with success and brilliance.

The important event was held this Saturday at the Coral Way Public Library, here in Miami, to a full room.

Among the veteran brothers who accompanied me on the rostrum, I note Colonel Johnny López de la Cruz, Jorge Gutierrez, the Sheriff, Pérez Lugones, and Frank de Varona, who made an important contribution with their first-person narratives in terms of real knowledge of that epochal event that changed the destiny of Cuba and America for the worse.

So we complied with arms in hand, today, so many years later, we are firm in our oath to the homeland and our commitment to our martyred brothers.



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