Guaido’s Family Arrived In The US

The arrival, which took place on Monday, is seen as a sign that Guaidó has no immediate plans to travel back to Venezuela.

(Miami International Airport). Since Juan Guaidó landed in Miami last April 29th he has said that he wants to return to his home country, but that he would only do so when his safety is guaranteed.

But on Mon, May 3rd, the family of the former Venezuelan opposition leader arrived at Miami International Airport, meeting with Guaidó a few days after he was forced to board a plane from Bogotá to Miami by the Colombian government of Gustavo Petro.

Guaidó, who is in Washington promoting the agenda of the Venezuelan opposition movement, said last week after arriving from Colombia that he feared for the life of his wife, Fabiana Rosales, and daughters, Miranda and Mérida, as well as that of his companions in the opposition.

“After more than a month of not seeing them, with their freedom and safety at risk, today it fills me with great joy to be able to tell them that Fabiana, Miranda, and Mérida are safe and sound,” Guaidó said on his Twitter account on Wednesday afternoon.

In a video that he posted on the social network, an emotional Guaidó is seen meeting his wife and daughters at the airport. “Just today Miranda is six years old, so happy birthday, little princess! My whole being is dedicated to the fact that you two can return and live in our beloved country. Only by being free can we be happy”, he added.

Guaidó was considered by the United States and about 50 other countries as the legitimate president of Venezuela until his leadership role was dissolved by the opposition earlier this year.

Before entering Colombia to meet with diplomats gathering in Bogota to participate in an international forum to discuss the Venezuelan crisis, Guaidó warned that the Nicolás Maduro regime planned to arrest him under trumped-up corruption charges.

But the government of Colombian President Gustavo Petro did not allow him to participate in the forum and Guaidó was forced to take a commercial flight to the United States after he was threatened with being handed over to Venezuelan regime officials if he did not leave immediately.

Before Petro was elected as Colombia´s first leftist president in history, the country had been one of the closest allies of the Venezuelan democratic movement.

(Note: This press note with information from The New Herald published by Yahoo News)


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