Conversations With Cava

Honorable Daniella Levine Cava, Miami-Dade County Mayor, hosted this September 14th the third in-person public conversation, to discuss Budget 2023-2024.

By Angel Cristobal (photos) and Felicia Jimenez (Video) /Staff South Press

(Westchester, Miami) Today, the staff of South Press Independent Newspaper was invited to join these conversations to learn more about the proposed budget, and share our thoughts with Mayor Cava. This tieme was in Westchester Cultural Arts Center, where Miami-Dade County Commissioners and or their staff attended.

“As I move into the third year pf my term, we must continue making smart, targeted investments that afford everyone in Miami-Dade County the freedom to prosper and thrive. My administration and I continue working tirelessly to ensure that your voices are included in this budgetint process, as they have been ineach year I’ve had the privilege to serve as your Mayor”, expressed Daniella Levine Cava who today celebrate her birthday.

Levine Cava look forward to continuing this work alonside her Conty Commissioners, hardworking county employees, local, state, and federal leaders, and the residents. “Together, we will deliver on safer, more redilient, and prosperous future for Miami-Dade County”, she affirmed.


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