The Doral Chamber of Commerce Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

The event brought together long-time members of the organization as well as local business leaders and community members to celebrate the organization's achievements over the past 15 years.

Juan Garau: “There is no dialogue with dictators”

AgustinRangugni, director of TVRadioMiami and talks with Juan Garau renowned Cuban journalist, artist, and political activist in exile.

New Doral Police Chief Took The Oath

Chief Lopez was previously the Chief of Police for the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department where his leadership exemplified his experience and knowledge that will be key in taking Doral Police Department to the next level.

Rubio Urges DHS To Respond To Migrant Crisis In Florida Keys

Text and photos: Courtesy Sen Marco Rubio's office From December 30, 2022, through January 5, 2023, more than 1,100 Cubans and Haitians arrived in the Florida Keys. This increase in migration has overwhelmed local resources and resulted in the activation of the Florida National Guard.U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) was briefed by the U.S. Coast … Continue reading Rubio Urges DHS To Respond To Migrant Crisis In Florida Keys

The Witches of Cerro Calvo

By Angel Christopher The amazing story of a dog who never missed a funeral in a Cuban small village. This story appears in the book The Witches of Cerro Calvo, available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. In the town of Vueltas province of Villa Clara, Cuba, people still remember the ephemeral life of a dog … Continue reading The Witches of Cerro Calvo

Medina: “Los venezolanos sólo nos arrodillamos ante Dios y nuestros padres”

Pablo Medina described and documented for us the fight for the freedom of sister Venezuela and the possible strategies to accelerate the change towards democracy.

New Title: The Witches of Cerro Calvo

This is a book of stories and legends that I wrote to thank our Eternal Creator for blessing me with my grandparents and parents from Asturias, Spain, and the Canary Islands. My Hispanic origin has allowed me to see life differently and has always encouraged me to investigate our past; to better understand the present and the future.

Councilwoman Maureen Porras Proposes to Oppose Bail and Bond Reform

Councilwoman Porras has directed the City Attorney to bring this important item before the Mayor and Council for their consideration, as it can negatively affect the safety and quality of life of our residents, businesses, and visitors.

¡Gracias Doral!

El acto de Juramentacion de la Alcaldesa de la ciudad del Doral estuvo lleno de emociones, en primer lugar destacar que Christi Fraga es la primera mujer en llegar como Alcalde es esta importante ciudad.