Trump’s supporters should be able to protest ‘peacefully’

Trump’s supporters, “have First Amendment rights, and they should be able to exercise those peacefully"...

Start a healthy habit on Bike to Work Day, March 3

Mayor Daniella Levine Cava leads the 10th Annual Bike305 Bike to Work Day encouraging residents in all municipalities to ride a bicycle to work, school, and fun destinations for a healthy way to live life.

Juan Garau: “There is no dialogue with dictators”

AgustinRangugni, director of TVRadioMiami and talks with Juan Garau renowned Cuban journalist, artist, and political activist in exile.

Medina: “Los venezolanos sólo nos arrodillamos ante Dios y nuestros padres”

Pablo Medina described and documented for us the fight for the freedom of sister Venezuela and the possible strategies to accelerate the change towards democracy.

Let’s Ask to Live In Peace

We always think about the freedom and democracy of so many peoples, who live kidnapped under iron dictatorships and totalitarian regimes, as is the notorious case of our Homeland, Cuba, which for more than half a century remains cloistered in the Castro-communist hell.


Antonio Ledezma, quien fue Gobernador y Alcalde Metropolitano de Caracas y que compartió vivencias con el protagonista de esta obra, ofrece a los lectores de este libro el retrato vivo y veraz de un hombre cuya reivindicación no cabe demorar `por más tiempo.

The Peña Martiana of Tony Calatayud

The Peña Martiana of Tony Calatayud brings every Friday the opportunity to share ideas, books presentation, and listen to excellent speakers.

South Press Independent Newspaper´s Staff Awarded Journalist Colleagues

The staff of the South Press Independent Newspaper delivered for the first time in the United States, specifically in Miami, awards to the Dean and colleagues from the CNP, last October 29th, celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the CNP Cuba in Exile foundation.

CNP Cuba in Exile Celebrates the Day of the Journalist and presented the National Prize for Journalism

As part of these celebrations, the National Prize for Journalism was awarded, one as a postmortem recognition of the work of Cuban journalist Vicente Escobal; the second to the Nicaraguan journalist Vicente Izaguirre and the third to the prominent Cuban journalist and radio host Juan Garau.