Juan Garau: “There is no dialogue with dictators”

AgustinRangugni, director of TVRadioMiami and RadioMiami.us talks with Juan Garau renowned Cuban journalist, artist, and political activist in exile.

South Press Interviews: The Outstanding Press Career of José Arenal

Continuing with the series of interviews with political, artistic, and intellectual personalities of the Cuban historical exile and other exiled sister communities in the United States, this time we present the interview conducted by the journalist Juan Garau with the founding editor of the newspaper "YA!", the journalist of the print media and television José Arenal.

The Peña Martiana of Tony Calatayud

The Peña Martiana of Tony Calatayud brings every Friday the opportunity to share ideas, books presentation, and listen to excellent speakers.

CNP Cuba in Exile Celebrates the Day of the Journalist and presented the National Prize for Journalism

As part of these celebrations, the National Prize for Journalism was awarded, one as a postmortem recognition of the work of Cuban journalist Vicente Escobal; the second to the Nicaraguan journalist Vicente Izaguirre and the third to the prominent Cuban journalist and radio host Juan Garau.

Press Conference With Marco Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio participated in a press conference that took place at the Museum of the Cuban Diaspora, in Coral Gables, Miami, Florida, in which different television and press media, as well as Latino influencers, participated.