South Press interviewed Pablo Medina

Interview with Pablo Medina Carrasco, Venezuelan congressman, a fighter for democracy, and writer, who summarizes his political life and Venezuelan history.

The Duel Burr-Hamilton: July 11th, 1804

The death of Hamilton led to the permanent weakening of the Federalist Party and its demise in American domestic politics.

Yom Hashoah, the Day of the Holocaust

In 2005, Claudia Prengler Starosta found out, through Facebook, about the existence of a branch of the family that she did not know: its members were survivors of the Holocaust in Poland and by then they lived in Texas, CA

Frank de Varona: Bay of Pigs, My Story

We began a brief interview at the Museum of the Cuban Diaspora, where there was no need to ask questions, as we conducted ourselves down the path of conversation.