Hanukkah Light Up the Night in Doral City

By Angel Cristobal (City of Doral) On Monday, December 19th, at 6:00 p.m. at Downtown Doral Park (8395 NW 53rd Street) the community join to the new authorities of the City to show their holiday pride when the menorah was lit and recognized all their first responders for keeping the citizen of Doral safe during … Continue reading Hanukkah Light Up the Night in Doral City

12-foot Menorah Lights Up Coral Gables on Hanukkah

By Angel Cristobal and Felicia Jimenez (Coral Gables, 12-19/2022). The Jewish and non-Jewish community was invited to the City of Coral Gables' annual Hanukkah Festival of Lights celebration, scheduled for this Sunday, December 12, the first night of Hanukkah, from 4:00 p.m. m. to 6:00 p.m. m. at Ponce Circle Park, 2800 Ponce de Leon … Continue reading 12-foot Menorah Lights Up Coral Gables on Hanukkah

Let’s Ask to Live In Peace

We always think about the freedom and democracy of so many peoples, who live kidnapped under iron dictatorships and totalitarian regimes, as is the notorious case of our Homeland, Cuba, which for more than half a century remains cloistered in the Castro-communist hell.


Every December, Jewish people around the world recognize the holiday of Hanukkah — also known as the Festival of Lights — to celebrate an important battle for their people.

TANIA MARTI: “Continuaré trabajando para mantener nuestra cultura en Miami”

En la entrevista concedida a South Press Interviews, la cantante y productora cubana-Americana Tania Martí nos regaló anécdotas, cantó y agradeció al público, a sus seguidores, amigos, familia, medios publicitarios, colegas, auspiciadores -y por sobre todas las cosas a Dios- por tantas lindas emociones y experiencias de su vida artística.


Antonio Ledezma, quien fue Gobernador y Alcalde Metropolitano de Caracas y que compartió vivencias con el protagonista de esta obra, ofrece a los lectores de este libro el retrato vivo y veraz de un hombre cuya reivindicación no cabe demorar `por más tiempo.


The author describes Chavez's personality, his desire for power, and the strange circumstances that led to his death, not yet been officially clarified by the Venezuelan regime.

Marco Rubio: “After today Republican party will never be the same”

"I know no community in America who understands that better than this one, for this is a community of men and women, many of whom lost their country to Marxism, to socialism, to leftism, to the failure and evil that it always is".

Sucre: “I am very proud to exercise the vote in this country”

Early in the morning of this November 8, the day of the mid-term elections, Juan Manuel Sucre exercised his right to vote, who aspires to Councilor for seat 2 of the Council of the Mayor's Office of Doral.

South Press Interviews: The Outstanding Press Career of José Arenal

Continuing with the series of interviews with political, artistic, and intellectual personalities of the Cuban historical exile and other exiled sister communities in the United States, this time we present the interview conducted by the journalist Juan Garau with the founding editor of the newspaper "YA!", the journalist of the print media and television José Arenal.