Juan Garau nominated for the National Prize for Journalism of the CNP of Cuba in Exile

On this occasion, we had the honor of speaking with Juan Garau Diego, and we wanted to publish in black and white some moments of the interview that Garau gave us, which you can see extensively on our channel.

South Press Interviews: Venezuelan Academic Eduardo Guzman Pérez

Stay Tuned on Urbis et Libris. We interviewed Professor Eduardo Guzmán, who presented his book: What I Saw on 3rd November 2020.

South Press interviewed Pablo Medina

Interview with Pablo Medina Carrasco, Venezuelan congressman, a fighter for democracy, and writer, who summarizes his political life and Venezuelan history.

Marco Rubio Asks FBI To Investigate Activities Of ‘Puentes De Amor’ Organization

“Puentes de Amor held a demonstration in Coral Gables, Florida, as part of a coordinated effort by the Cuban regime to sow division, incite conflict, and influence the foreign policy of the United States”, Rubio said.

The New Tower of Babel

The Press and TV have ceased to be the fourth power, since citizens make use of their right to inform and give opinions, especially on social networks.

With The Help of The Heavens

My work in Breslev Israel consists mainly of contacting the largest number of Spanish-speaking people and sending them the wonderful and vital teachings of our great Master Rabbi Shalom Arush.

Vecchio requests humanitarian aid for Venezuelan refugees in Miami and Houston

The Venezuelan ambassador to the US, Carlos Vecchio, held a meeting in Miami with the mayor of Miami-Dade, Daniella Levine Cava, and the mayor of Hialeah, Esteban Bovo.